The West Coast Source for Casting and Finishing
Globe Iron Foundry - The West Coast Source for Casting and Finishing

"What you want, when and how you want it."

Metalcasting is one of the oldest technologies known to humans. And today, even though the equipment is very sophisticated, the actual process is remarkably similar to those oldest known operations. At Globe Iron Foundry we use this technology to produce cast iron parts for any number of industries-mostly equipment and durable goods manufacturers.

Why Globe Iron Foundry?

* Globe produces any type of casting in all grades of ductile, gray and alloyed irons.

* From one unit to a full production run, Globe can meet your requirements. From ounces to tons, we have the capabilities you need.

* Our production facilities include fully automated, high production Hunter molding systems, lower to medium production jolt squeezers, a cope and drag production line, a spacious no-bake floor molding center and four electric induction furnaces, representing 25,000 pounds of metal at any one time.

Globe Iron Foundry Inc.
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